Simplify your global partnerships with postal and parcel carriers, redefining borders for international delivery

  • Develop global partnerships

    Support a standard ‘Vendor’ extension on our platform, so that you can be quickly, simply and seamlessly integrated to receive parcels and pre-advice data from postal and parcel carriers worldwide.

  • Use a single extension for multiple partners

    Use a single extension to enable you reach multiple postal and parcel carriers. We host consignment number ranges, routing and label production and ensure that data is fully validated to meet your pre-advice rules.

  • Reduce over-labelling

    Benefit from retailers being able to integrate their systems with their carriers to produce correctly routed labels and customs documents at point of despatch, eliminating data duplication and the risk of error.

  • Simplify international shipping

    Our intelligent systems handle local time zones, currency, international character sets, country rules, address formats and customs requirements, including CN22 and CN23 customs documents.

  • Simplify global partnerships

    NetDespatch provides ‘Intelligent Vendor Selection’ for postal and parcel carriers, ensuring that you only receive the parcels that fit the agreed commercial profile, accompanied by the agreed documentation.

  • Only pay for what you receive

    Make sure that costs stay in line with your revenues. The NetDespatch SaaS shipping platform is based on a pay-once-per-item business model; is secure and always available; and we continuously invest in innovative technology, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

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​NetDespatch simplifies shipping from Magento Commerce with XTENTO

​NetDespatch simplifies shipping from Magento Commerce with XTENTO

“Using the Magento Integration Suite by XTENTO and NetDespatch eliminates manual processes and saves businesses hours of unnecessary administration. We are very pleased to have this extension up and running and look forward to sharing the benefits with our customers”

- Sebastian Enzinger, Managing Director of XTENTO
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