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Staff Administration
Personnel matters in relation to employees or sub-contractors

Advertising Marketing and Public Relations
Public relations, advertising and marketing.

Accounts and Records
Accounts relating to any business or other activity.

Consultancy and Advisory Service
Giving advice or rendering professional services.
(Software development, Demonstration, Testing and Hosted Web Services)

When you visit a web site, you need to be sure of the following:

· What personally identifiable information of yours is collected.
· Which organisation is collecting the information.
· With whom the information may be shared.
· What options you have regarding collection, use and distribution of the information.
· What security processes are in place to protect you against loss, misuse or alteration of the information.
· How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information.

The following document attempts to answer these points, if you have any further comments or queries, please Contact Us, via email.

Privacy Statement for the NetDespatch Website

NetDespatch Ltd is firmly committed to privacy. The following paragraphs disclose the way that information is gathered, and utilised on the NetDespatch web site, under the domain names of,, and

IP Addresses The site will record all visitors' IP addresses to help diagnose problems, to improve service and to administer the site. An IP address is not linked to personally identifiable information. It is just a string of numbers.

The site will use cookies. A cookie is a small file of information maintained on the User's computer so that we can save frequently used information i.e. User / Session IDs. The User has the choice of rejecting cookies within their browser. The application will not work without cookies enabled.

Contact Details (Enquiries)
The site uses a contact form for visitors to request information about our services. The site collects visitors' contact information (such as their e-mail address). Information from the contact form is used only to supply more information about the service to the enquirer.

Contact Details (Users)
The site will maintain a User Profile to store contact information at the User's place of business. I.e. name, address, telephone number and email address. Any information collected is made available to the User for subsequent modification.

Contact information will be made available for administration purposes only, within existing business relationships:

a) NetDespatch Ltd to Resellers
b) A Reseller to its Members.
c) A Member to its Clients
d) A Super-User Client to his\her Users
e) A Client User to enter Job Bookings or Templates, or to request Quotes

It will not be made available to, or used by, any third-party to send unsolicited mail.

A Client User may choose to enter further contact details, at home, other places of business, or of their customers. This information is used solely to assist the User to use the site efficiently and enable us to provide an efficient, personalised service.

Contact Details (Destination Addresses)
The site collects the destination address solely for purpose of job booking, or adding it to the address book and it is not shared with any outside party, other than the selected Despatch Company (Member).

Job Bookings and Quotes
The site will make Job Booking and Quote information available to the Member's despatch system via a secure integrated local application. This information will also be made available from the site to any authorised Client User, or the selected Member, for query purposes.

Statistics and Billing
Job Booking information is collected by the site, and held for a short period, to enable a fast query service to be made available to all authorised Users. After that time an audit trail of brief job details only (i.e. date, service etc.) is maintained for statistical and billing purposes.

This site contains hyperlinks to other sites. NetDespatch Ltd is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those sites.

The site may use an outside advertising company to display banner adverts on this site. These ads may contain cookies, which are collected by the advertising company, and we do not have access to this information.
User profiles and Job Booking\Quote statistics on an aggregate basis may be used to specifically target advertising banners and buttons to a specific market sector.

The site gives authorised Users the option to modify personal information and preferences they have previously provided, such as their credit card information and address book entries. The User may do this by visiting the site and clicking on 'My Profile' or 'Address Book' on the top menu.

Emails can be sent to addresses specified by the User, for the following:
a) Confirmation to User
b) Alert to Pickup\Destination
c) POD information

These email instructions are set up, and can only be changed by an authorised Client User.