Zenstores provides order management and fulfilment software for online ecommerce businesses. The cloud-based software automatically imports orders from all of a sellers online shops and marketplaces, giving a single up to date list of orders ready to ship and reducing the time it takes to despatch them.

The partnership with NetDespatch allows Zenstores' customers to streamline their workflow by seamlessly integrating with carriers; printing the correct shipping labels, customs documentation and manifests, as well as automatically sending pre-advice data.

“We appreciate the difficulties that micro businesses have with regard to managing an increasing catalogue of orders because essentially that’s how our business began."

"Our integration with NetDespatch will free up the time of more business owners and enable them to focus on growing their business and realising their own vision.”

“Our mission is to improve the day-to-day logistics of micro-businesses trading online. We are keen to offer as many delivery options to our customers as possible, however these carrier integrations can be time intensive. Our partnership with NetDespatch enables us to speed up the time to deployment of these various carrier integrations.”

Tom Palmer, Zenstores Co-Founder and CEO

Zenstores Partners with NetDespatch to provide the following Carrier Integrations

  • Display yodel logo
  • Display royal mail logo
  • Display ukmail

Integration Features

  • Fully Seamless API Integration
  • Integrated Stationery Available
  • Print Labels to Laser or Thermal Printer
  • Auto-upload of Tracking Details to Marketplaces
  • Print Royal Mail 2D Barcoded Labels

Is it right for my business?

The days of copying and pasting are numbered - Zenstores connects eBay, Amazon and the best delivery networks to make printing shipping labels and despatching orders a breeze.

Over 90% of online sellers say that their main expenditure of time is in just getting their orders out of the door each day. Selling online is hard, despatching your orders doesn't have to be.

Ultimately this is what Zenstores is all about, taking care of the day-to-day tasks that slow you down so that you can spend more time on what really matters to you.

For more information, contact:

Tom Palmer
0117 205 0604