Through utilising a simple web services integration with NetDespatch, Retail & Sports Systems offers its clients an off-the-shelf seamless ecommerce delivery experience using a wide range of domestic and international carriers, as well as access to the Tesco Direct Marketplace.

The integration means that as soon as a parcel is selected for despatch, the correct label for the chosen carrier is automatically produced in their customer’s warehouse ensuring that each parcel is correctly addressed and complies with the carrier’s specific requirements.

International delivery is streamlined through automatic production of customs documentation when it is required; a crucial aspect of the service experience for these retailers given the high volume of international orders for prominent UK football club merchandise.

“The web-based NetDespatch platform has automated what was previously a very labour intensive process for us. All in all, we are now able to offer our customers a faster, more reliable service that’s easy to support.”

Richard Waltham, Retail & Sports Systems Director

Retail & Sports Systems Partners with NetDespatch to provide the following Carrier Integrations

  • Display royal mail logo
  • Display yodel logo
  • Display ukmail

Integration Features

  • Fully Seamless API Integration
  • Print Labels to Thermal Printer
  • Print Royal Mail 2D Barcoded Labels

Is it right for my business?

Retail & Sports Systems are a provider of fully integrated EPOS, ecommerce, Wholesale and Merchandise Management systems. They provide B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions with Warehouse Management and carrier integration using NetDespatch. It is a fully cloud hosted system enabling back office access from anywhere, through a browser, with unlimited seats.

If there are also retail shops then the only hardware on-site are the tills and printers, which come with a three year on-site warranty.

For more information, contact:

Richard Waltham
0115 871 9451

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