Optima Warehouse Solutions provides high quality but affordable warehouse management solutions as SaaS to a range of customers, primarily in the warehousing and logistics sector, across the UK and Europe.

These warehouses operate at a fast pace, picking out pre-ordered items and despatching them to consumers, and Optima’s partnership with NetDespatch enables the warehouse to process orders and despatch the items to the right carrier as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.

“Prior to using the NetDespatch platform, we had to create a bespoke link from our software to each individual carrier. To create this set up and test the process was time consuming but now, using NetDespatch, with very little effort, we have written a single interface to its platform and we are immediately integrated with a number of leading carriers.”

“This has enabled us to spend that time on our core business of developing powerful software packages that will make our customers’ warehouses more efficient!”

Chris Roberts, Optima Managing Director

Optima Partners with NetDespatch to provide the following Carrier Integrations

  • Display royal mail logo
  • Display yodel logo
  • Display ukmail

Integration Features

  • Fully Seamless API Integration
  • Integrated Stationery Available
  • Print Labels to Laser or Thermal Printer
  • Auto-upload of Tracking Details to Marketplaces
  • Print Royal Mail 2D Barcoded Labels

Is it right for my business?

Whether your business is a 3PL or fulfilment company you may currently be struggling to fulfil customer orders at busy times and be limiting your sales as a result. With a WMS, quicker processing times can see your productivity increase, allowing your business to grow and prosper. Lost stock is a thing of the past and with the addition of barcode readers you can achieve 100% pick accuracy. By making optimum use of staff and warehouse capacity, a WMS can allow you to focus better on the day to day management of your business.

For more information, contact:

Neil Bennett
01270 500777