Simplified carrier integration and automated eCommerce platform builds confidence and revenue for retailers, saving man hours and unnecessary fulfilment costs

Bespoke promotional clothing company, UK Printwear has doubled their turnover overnight after implementing a joint NetDespatch and Snaffle solution.

Mark Stanhope, Director of UK Printwear, comments: “Before using Snaffle’s Despatch Cloud ecommerce platform, we were completing up to 130 orders per day, picking, printing and packing orders, and then manually updating the on-line web orders as dispatched and e-mailing our customers with their tracking details. This was very time consuming, taking around 12 man-hours every day."

“Now using Snaffle, integrated with the NetDespatch solution, we can pick, print and pack an order in under four minutes, enabling us to get many more orders through the door. As a result we have more than doubled our output to around 300 orders daily, with the existing staffing levels. Our turnover has doubled overnight and we are able to offer a much faster and more affordable service. End to end business has improved dramatically, and without this automated process, we would not be able to meet growing customer demand.”

Snaffle has recently joined the NetDespatch Partner Programme, allowing its customers, such as UK Printwear, to immediately see the benefits the integrated solution brings to retailers.

Snaffle’s eCommerce solution, Despatch Cloud, is designed to save online retailers time and money. The automated solution despatches ecommerce orders, drastically reducing retailers’ time to pick and pack orders. Integration with the NetDespatch solution, allows Snaffle customers using the Despatch Cloud product to seamlessly integrate with carriers such as Royal Mail, APC Overnight and Yodel, printing the correct labels and producing any shipping documentation required, all of which are produced without the need for manual intervention or any data re-entry.

Matthew Dunne, Director at Snaffle comments: “In the three months that we have been working with NetDespatch, these new integrations have made a big impact on our company and we’ve not looked back. We are signing up new customers every week, and the NetDespatch solution has allowed our clients to quickly integrate with carriers, including Royal Mail and APC Overnight, in just a couple of days as opposed to six weeks.

This successful partnership has enabled Snaffle to not only provide a comprehensive management and despatch system for its client base, but grow its business, expanding staff numbers to cope with the customer demand for the platform.

“Implementing these types of ecommerce solutions is a game changer for any retailer, such as UK Printwear. That said automating solutions can be very daunting, especially when you have previously been used to manually picking and packing items. The quick integration times have enabled our customers to get behind and gain confidence in our ecommerce solution. In terms of Snaffle itself, since we started using the NetDespatch solution we have saved weeks of development time, giving us the ability to concentrate on our core skills as a business, and dedicate more support towards our customers.”